You’re Body: A Carefully Calibrated Machine

I had a really interesting conversation this weekend with my neighbor at our Block Party. Yeah, a block party! It was so much fun- people need to do that more often- get outside, meet the neighbors, eat some BBQ.


Anyway, We got on the conversation of Birth and Pregnancy (as tends to happen when I’m around!) She was telling me about her struggles to get pregnant over the past year and how frustrating it has been. As we continued to chat, we also started talking nutrition. She told me about how she had been dealing with Leaky Gut over the past year and some of the various things she had been doing to heal her gut. She said it was so bad she couldn’t eat anything without it hurting her stomach. Been there! As someone with Leaky Gut myself, I could totally relate to her story and we talked for quite a while about it. Around the time of all the leaky gut issues, she stopped trying to conceive and focused on healing her gut with a Naturopath. Now she’s much better and feeling great. All of the sudden I had an A-ha moment. Here’s what I started thinking:


What if her Leaky Gut was part of her fertility problem?


Here’s the deal: Our bodies are a carefully calibrated machine. If one part is off balance, it throws lots of other things off balance. Fertility and Reproductive health being one of them.  If her body was dealing with so much inflammation in her gut, it probably wanted to put having a baby on hold until her system was more stable. After all, growing a human is pretty serious business!


This also goes for weight loss, immunity, thyroid function, adrenals, performance- all of it. If one part of the system is out of whack, chances are you’ll see other things start to present themselves. No. You aren’t just “getting old” or whatever. Dig a little deeper. chances are, if you go see your family doc, he’ll run some tests and say “oh, you’re fine. Here, take this antidepressant.”


My advice: Go a different route.  Go see a  Naturopath or Nutritional Therapist like Crystal Bold.  Get some answers!


We have to remember how much everything is inter-connected in our bodies. I’m no doctor or medical professional in any way, but my hunch is that very soon my neighbor will be pregnant :)

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