When does ovulation occur?

If you are trying to get pregnant quickly and we can do this by maximise our chances by having sex during our ovulation period. The question is when does ovulation occur?  Here are some ways to help determine when the ovulation occurs..

Hormonal changes, principally by the hormone progesterone secreted from the corpus luteum after ovulation causes your body temperature to get slightly raised. The difference in temperature is 0.2 of a degree centigrade, and it shows on waking up in the morning. This is known as your basal body temperature of BBT. This slightly elevated temperature lasts until your next period.

You can easily track your BBT by using a special fertility thermometer. You can buy an old fashioned mercury thermometer that you can buy from the drugs store, internet or supermarket. Liquids take up less space when they are cold and more space when they are warm. These are quite inexpensive. With large divisions makes the reading easier. There are also the digital thermometers which I find easier to use. Once you have got your thermometer this is how you take your basal body temperature.

  • Starting on the first day of your period, and before you get up and do anything, and without getting out of bed, take your temperature, placing the thermometer in your mouth. Take the reading down on a note pad.


  • Repeat each morning at approximately the same time. Plot your findings on a graph. You can down load a graph from the internet.


  • Observe for a slight increase in your temperature, from about day 12-16 of your cycle. This shows you have ovulated.


In addition to using this method, you can use the type and texture of your cervical secretions-that is the mucus in your vagina. It should be noted that you will not be able to take this test if you have thrush or some other vaginal discharge because you will not be able to see the changes of the cervical mucus. If there no discharge, simply use your finger to test the mucus.


You should observe the following when testing

  • At the end of your menstrual period, you will probably feel very dry on your fingers and no sensation of wetness.
  • As the estrogen in your body increases, your cervix starts to produce more mucus, which is thick, globby or lumpy that looks white or creamy in colour.
  • After a couple of days, and it will get thinner and slippery and colourless that can be compared to egg white. It is also stretchy quality too and may produce a string of it between your fore fingers and thumb. At the time you notice this change will be your most fertile period in your cycle.


From this period it would be best to take advantage of this window of opportunity to have sex on the first day your vaginal is wet and the cervical mucus is stretchy. Sexual intercourse should continue every other day to allow time to maximise sperm volume. This is quite important.

Whatever, ovulation testing you use, do not allow it to take over your lives! Romance and lovemaking can go out of the window if the man begins to view himself as a breeding stud, only there to provide the sperm during the vital period of ovulation. It is important that both partners do not loose the magic of lovemaking in their bid to have a child.