The Miracle Power of Castor Oil Packing for fertility

This is a testimonial video on the power of Castor oil packing for fertility. Some what she experienced is freakish but i encourage you to watch it to the end.


This is a powerful testimony on what wonder castor packing can do. I hcastor oil packing for fertilityave used it for many years in my practice for a variety of conditions from breast and throat/thyroid cancer, endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS and those who have suffered a miscarriage. Using a castor oil packing for fertility is just one of the alternative methods that women facing infertility problems use to increase their chances of conception. The castor oil packs work to break up any adhesions that are impeding fertility, as well as stimulate blood vessels to pump more blood and nutrients to the reproductive organs of a woman. Castor oil also aids in helping the lymphatic system to rid the body of any impurities, stagnant blood, toxins, cysts  and excess hormones that could be causing fertility problems for a woman.  Castor oil packing has been used by all kinds of practitioners for centuries.  I give greater details on how to use castor oil packing for fertility in my program Pregnancy Magnet. Castor oil pack treatment therapy to boost fertility should be used for a period of 6 to 14 weeks. The castor oil pack should be applied to the abdomen, covering the liver, and left on for about 45 to 90 minutes. Use the castor oil pack treatment therapy three to five times per week. Be sure to not do the treatment while on your period. This means you will have to adjust your routine during this time. Knowing how to use castor oil packs is important in assuring that you are getting the most benefits from the castor oil treatments for fertility.