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Is There Anyway I Could Be Getting Pregnant During Period?

The question has been asked all throughout the ages. The question most people ask is about getting pregnant during period. Although there is a chance of this, it is low or unlikely that you will. Many people have tried to figure out this debate for a very long time however they are unable to pinpoint if it is a definite yes or no to the question.

When you are having sex while you have your period, it is always possible that you could end up pregnant. Each woman’s cycle is total different. Some women have shorter cycles than other women and this can lead to your ovulation time being different each month. For conception to occur the egg has to be released and then there has to be sperm present to meet the egg. Once the sperm has fertilized the egg, pregnancy occurs.

For pregnancy to occur, sperm must be in the females body when the egg is released. When the female is menstruating the uterine lining and egg are expelled from the body. Once the egg is released from the ovary it can survive inside for around twenty four hours. If sperm happens to be inside the reproductive system as well, there is a chance that pregnancy can occur.

Sperm can last inside the reproductive system for up to five days or even longer, and if the person has unprotected sex during the period then there is a risk of pregnancy. Having a shorter menstrual cycle than the regular 28 day cycle can make this possibility higher. To measure your cycle, you count from the first day of your period to the first day of the next time you have a period.


Having a shorter cycle is one way you can end up pregnant during your period. Some women have a twenty eight day cycle while others may only have a twenty two day cycle. When your cycle is shorter, ovulation can occur closer to when your period ended. If you have had sex and the sperm is still present in your body after your period then there is a possibility you can become pregnant.

Sometimes women will mistake breakthrough bleeding for their actual period. This is not the actual period itself but only spotting between the two. Most times this spotting will occur during ovulation which is when women are at their most fertile. Unprotected sex during these times can lead to pregnancy.

Although it is unlikely, it is possible for women to become pregnant during their period. The only way to ensure that you will not become pregnant is to use protection every time you have sex. Since each and every woman is different, there is no way of knowing when you will be safe from falling pregnant. The myth that you will not become pregnant during your period is one reason there are many unplanned and unexpected pregnancies, especially for teenagers and young adults. Since sperm does survive inside the reproductive system for five days or more there is always a possibility.

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