How to get pregnant quickly

Have you ever wondered how you can get pregnant quickly? We are talking here the next couple of months. If you and your partner have decided that the time is right for you to begin a family, you may be thinking a lot about how you can manage to get pregnant as quickly as possible. First of all, congratulations! Planning for a family is an exciting and worthwhile endeavour. This is possibly the most exciting thing you will do in life.

Some newly wed couples take protection against having a baby too quickly. This is because they need to adjust to their new lives and may need to consider other factors such as career and financial commitments. However, in a matter of months, even as the couple are still getting to know each other properly, the eagerness to conceive a child increases. This is hardly surprising, given the natural instinct of motherhood in women. A wife always wants to become a mother, since that gives her a sense of fulfilment. Thus, even in a fiercely competitive world, where the cost of everyday living runs into thousands, the craving for a baby remains extremely high.


When you are considering how to get pregnant quickly, remember that pregnancy is very difficult to control or force. Ultimately you are just going to have to wait for Nature to take its place.  Unlike many things in your life, getting pregnant is not entirely under your control. However, this article will help you maximise your chances. If you are a strong woman who likes to get things done at your own pace, then this fact can be a difficult one to swallow. Don’t worry; there are still plenty of things that you can do to help you on how to get pregnant quickly.

Conception occurs when you have intercourse during your ovulation period which last between 5 to 8 days, one of the sperm from your partner manages to connect up with the egg that you have released. You only release one egg per month (unless there is some sort of irregularity, it which case you could release two eggs and conceive twins), so there are approximately twelve opportunities for you to get pregnant each year. The window of opportunity in each of these months may be as small. This can be pretty upsetting for couples who want to know how to get pregnant quickly. But there are things you could do..

The key to how to get pregnant quickly, is to find out when you are ovulating each month. If you can figure this out successfully, and you have intercourse many times on these days, you will likely become pregnant that month. If you do not know when you are ovulating, you may miss these days and your chances will be minimised. This means that you will probably not become pregnant in that month, and you will have to wait until the next month for next opportunity. THE PREGNANCY MIRACLE GUIDE will give you a simple task you can perform to know when you are ovulating. It will also help you determine exactly your fertility “window”.

In addition, to having sexual intercourse during your ovulation period, you can do the following things to enhance your chances.

• Women should start preparing to become a mother, at least 3 to 4 months prior to the actual conception.
• Take holistic measures for the improving the health both the mother and the unborn baby.
• A woman looking to conceive should completely stop smoking and drinking.
• It is of vitally important that no drugs for recreation are consumed.
• Eat Healthy, high nutrient diets that are very important for women to conceive. There are many foods that help your fertility.

• To improve your overall health, you may need to supplement with vitamins minerals, enzymes that are appropriate for woman.

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