Help With PCOS

Most women with this condition do not have any problems conceiving and maintaining a pregnancy, but some cannot. There is a wide spectrum of symptoms and most women that have a mild form of the symptoms do not notice they have had it.

This condition describes cysts in the ovaries caused by many follicles than usual beginning to develop before ovulation. They do not mature and instead form an increasing number of cysts in the ovaries. This is due to greater amounts of estrogens and male hormones. It can also happen that you have PCOS without the cysts, though some ovulate only irregularly, and some do not ovulate at all. Other symptoms include excess body hair, weight loss, hair on the face, thinning on the scalp and lack of periods. It can affect fertility, because with irregular or no ovulation, conception cannot take place.

Some doctors can help with some of the symptoms, by prescribing hormone treatment. Stabilizing hormone levels can help fertility by promoting ovulation. Some doctors may also prescribe ovulation medications, such as Clomid, to encourage ovulation. If you are thinking of conceiving, be sure to discuss the issue with your doctor. Not all of the medications used to help PCOS sufferers are safe to use during pregnancy and may need to be discontinued.


Some doctors would operate to remove the cysts in a procedure called ovarian drilling-. The doctor punctures the ovary with a small needle carrying an electric current to destroy a small portion of the ovary. This treatment carries a risk of developing scar tissue on the ovary. This surgery can lower male hormone levels and help with ovulation. But, these effects may only last a few months. This treatment doesn’t help with loss of scalp hair or increased hair growth on other parts of the body.

Birth control pills. These can reduce the symptoms of PCOS, although they will not really treat it. In particular, they can help with hirsutism and acne for some women and of course they will induce a “normal” period, although it is not indicative of a normal cycle or ovulation. Yaz is a drug often prescribed because it contains drospironone, which can help reduce acne, or Dianette, which can help reduce hirsutism

Can natural treatments cure PCOS

Often the reason for having trouble getting pregnant with PCOS and with infertility is because the internal state of the body is unhealthy enough to sustain a healthy baby. By going to the root of the problem and finding a natural way to rebalance and re-energise your system, it is possible to manage and overcome PCOS and become pregnant naturally and have the joy of a healthy baby.

Natural herbal treatments are available to help getting pregnant with PCOS, by stimulating ovulation and balancing your hormones. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which usually comprises of the use of herbs and acupuncture, are also very effective. TCM has been reported to solve a large percentage of PCOS-related infertility in just a few months of therapy. However, don’t mix herbal remedy with the medicines your doctor prescribed to avoid undesirable outcomes.