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Miscarriage – 2014-09-21 Update #33

I never expected to lose my second baby a month ago, just 7 months after the loss of my first. I was still grasping at the surface for dear life, desperately trying to prevent this loss from completely destroying me. It was numbing because I had been through it before

Miscarriage – 2014-09-21 Update #34

This has genuinely been the most difficult 8 months of my life, but I see now that I wouldn’t have traded any of it even for a second. When my time comes to have a baby, I know with full confidence I will be an incredible mom. The only reason

Both Tracks

I’d prefer not to address my feelings on loss, but seems to be surfacing anyway. It seems that the weight of death has touched my heart in this last month. In a few cases, some women blog writers have openned up about miscarriage. In one particular post, the question

Brittany’s Story

Every week in February, we will continue to learn more about the winners of Glow’s first annual contest as they share their extended stories with the Glow community. This week, we learn a bit more about Brittany’s path to Glow: —————————

Fertility After Miscarriage

Having experienced a miscarriage can be a devastating event in a couple’s life no matter when it happened. But can woman experience fertility after miscarriage? Achieving fertility after miscarriage can be a bit of a challenge. Depending on when it happened, some women may need up to six months of recovery time from the miscarriage. […]