Angelina Jolie maimed with double mastectomies- Has humanity lost it mind?

By Bolaji Alli It was with great dismay to learn yesterday that the beautiful and talented Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie decided to do double mastectomy as a health insurance against breast cancer. Apparently, she was told by “experts” that she has a gene BA100- a rare gene that puts her at an 80% risk of developing breast cancer. Her mother’s life was cut short by cancer at the age of 56.  As a result Angelina decided to take this awful step of having a mammography-which basically means having her breast chopped off! jolieIn her article in the New York Times she took to the decision to speak out “to empower women arbour the world”. He decision to have this barbaric act carried out on her is delusional, crass, stupid and downright dangerous. As this act is being applauded around the world I have to ask the question: Has humanity lost its mind? Are we heading to an inevitable slope towards self-destruction and death?  Below I raise some questions we as a people need to ask ourselves about cancer, its treatment and how to truly empower ourselves.

  • To begin with, cancer is not a demon that we need to use horrific treatments to combat. Cancer is as a result of an imbalance in the cellular and systematic system. These imbalances can simply be addressed by dietary and lifestyle changes. To prove my point, in any textbook on Anatomy and physiology would name cancer as a disease of the immune system, yet cancer treatment of slash (surgery), poison (drugs and chemotherapy) and burn (radiotherapy) does not address the rebalancing of the immune system.


  • Also, In other cultures where cancer is seen as part of a toxic build up in the body that needs clearing out, in such environments cancer is seen as a minor inconvenience, to be treated with the appropriate cleansing and detoxification protocols. As a result cancer can be cured in a matter of a few weeks. In the drug dominated environment like the West however the media, government and charities all collude to inflict mass hysteria and panic in the minds of people. The result of which has caused an irrational fear of cancer that has grown out of all proportion. This has led people to take drastic actions to protect their health and lives.


  • In addition, the presence of breast cancer is not the disease but a manifestation of a disease. In other words the presence of a tumour in a breast tissue does not make that the disease. As I stated earlier, cancer is a systematic imbalance at a cellular level that may manifest itself in different parts of the body. For example this imbalance can manifest in one person as breast cancer, in another person, it could be the prostate, in another it could be the brain etc. This makes sense because how many victims have we seen or heard about having the breasts chopped off, only to find the cancer to spread from its primary location to the liver, lymph, lung and other places that surgery cannot address.


  • We simply cannot blame genetics for the development of cancer because it does not make any sense. If breast cancer was simply as result of faulty genes, then the cancer statistics would roughly be the same over the years. For instance, in at the turn of the 20th century 1 in 70 people developed cancer in the United States, today is 1 in 3 gradually leading to 1 in 2 soon to overtake heart disease as the leading cause of death. If we were to plot the graph of this it would be a sharp sloped graph showing this rise. If Genetics is the major factor here, you would find that the graph would be a straight line-not changing much over generations. We find that when we look beyond our grandparents, cancer becomes rare. That is because other factors are at play here not genetics.


  • This DNA damage (which is a result of cancer, not a cause of cancer), is what all large “cancer research” organizations claim cause cancer!! They are raising billions of dollars trying to fix this DNA damage instead of trying to safely target and kill the cancer cells using advanced medical therapies used by practitioners who already know how to target and kill cancer cells, like Royal Rife in the 1930’s and Dr Virginia Livingstone in the 1950’s
  • Again by blaming DNA, cancer treatments and a cure will always be 50 years away and a cure cannot be found easily. This gives the medical establishment the licence to inflict horrendous treatments on unsuspecting patients and at the same time generate billions of dollars yearly “in a search for a cure”


  • Just because there is a presence of a “defective gene” in a person or persons with cancer does not necessary mean that one causes the other-a common mistake made in the sciences.


  • When child or children face the same disease as their parents this is not genetics but predisposition. What this means is that they are exposed to the same environmental and physiological factors as their parents. In other words they eat the same foods, have the similar habits and will likely have the same outcomes regarding their health. Also you inherit certain traits from our parents as a result of what they are exposed to. Since we share bodily fluids from our parent we may take good or bad elements from them. So all this is as a result of predisposition not genetics.
  • Even if genetics may be found to be the culprit of breast cancer and in the case of Angelina she was told she has a 80% chance of developing the disease, in other words she has a whopping 20% chance she would not get the disease. Would it not be logical to wait, and then if she developed breast cancer then have her breasts sawed off!


  • By taking this logic to an extreme conclusion, we could have screened all women for the defective gene BRCA1 and sterilise them from having children or worst killed them as it was done to some women with HIV in Africa in the early 1990’s.


  • No doctor would ever remove a perfectly healthy set of testicles from a man who has no symptoms of testicular cancer. The very idea is absurd and possibly even risking a lawsuit.So why is it somehow acceptable to cut off the breasts of “empowered women” who think they are making some sort of social statement by maiming their own perfectly healthy bodies?


  • Even when a defective gene may be responsible for a disease, there are likely co-factors involved. Rarely is a disease of such devastation a result of one factor. If genetics is seen as a fixed factor that cannot be changed, then how about co-factors that may be influenced. Factors well known in the circles of advanced medicine such as a plant based diet, exercise, taking medicinal herbs, adequate exposure to sunlight, and limit exposure to cancer causing chemicals. If Angelina Jolie wants to empower women. This is what she should do. Empowering means putting more power in your hands-not in the hands of the surgeon. Here is video of woman that made a different choice.

  • What is not yet known is the long term impact of having a serious surgical procedure like mastectomy. Could it be worse than having cancer?
  • liptonFinally, there is ground breaking research in the area of Epigenetics-Which shows that in fact Genes can be influenced by the power of our minds. One of the leading researchers in this area is Bruce Lipton author of Biology of Belief. Should we not put more research into this promising area of medicine, rather than conducting surgeries on women?

I would like to conclude that humanity may not have lost its mind-we may be in a temporary blip in our consciousness of how we view disease and wellness. It would help if we listen to our inner self and live a life as nature intended.   References