A little about my PCOS journey.

Name: Ashley Renée
Age: 23
Url: “thesweetestloser” and “iwillbe145″

1. What year were you diagnosed with PCOS? 2012

2. What was your reaction when you found out? “Crap. Is this bad? Am I gonna die? What’s PCOS?”

3. Since being diagnosed, what changes have you made? I avoid eating greasy foods more than once or twice a week, I get moderate exercise, and lots and lots of water have been consumed. I’m still struggling with carbs and sugar, though. 

4. What medications were you prescribed? Loestrin to regulate my cycle, and Metformin to keep my blood sugar in check.

5. Had you heard about PCOS before being diagnosed? A little bit. My mother was diagnosed with it a year before me, and was comforting me while I was receiving my glucose intolerance test. I was mortified.

6. Have you met any other females with PCOS? In real life, not really. Online, yes.

7. How did you educate yourself about PCOS? Tumblr, WebMD, and Mayo Clinic’s website.

8. Is it difficult to talk about PCOS with family and friends? Do they show support? I don’t really have many consistent friends, but I talk to my mother about it a lot.

9. What were your symptoms before being diagnosed? How are your symptoms now? Before: bad cramps, missed cycles, weight loss/gain, hairs on my chest. Now: moderate blood sugar levels, my cycle comes every month on the same day of the week, I still have hairs on my chest and boobs but hey what are you gonna do? :/ 

10. Do you see an Endocrinologist or OB/GYN? I see an endocrinologist every six months, and I haven’t been to a gynecologist since I was about 20. I had a bad experience.

11. What are your interests/hobbies? 90s R&B/Hip-Hop, music in general, blogging, reading, surfing the web, watching TV, and yoga (I need to get back into that).

12. What is one of your guilty pleasures? I listen to Justin Bieber on occasion. He’s an ass, but my goodness his music BANGS!

13. Is there anything else that you’d like to see on this blog? I literally started following this blog on the 1st, but from what I see you seem to know what you’re talking about.

14. What do you think of the new category for meeting other females with PCOS? I think it’s a great thing!

Author: ourpcos

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